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Frequently Asked Questions
Calls are made in certain periods of the year and applications can be made through our website. You can follow our social media accounts in order not to miss these periods.
Yes, it is necessary to have formally established the company.
It must have completed the MVP phase and be ready for sale.
Having been accepted from different programs does not prevent you from applying to Migros Up.
Startups from all sectors that can develop co-innovations with Migros' business units can apply.
Our co-innovation model can basically be thought of in two ways. The first is the adaptation of the product/service of the enterprise, which is currently working in another sector/field, to retail. Secondly, with a startup that has produced and sold a product before, a brand new product to be used in Migros processes starts from the idea stage. We experience a kind of prototyping phase together. In both cases, consisting of entrepreneurs and Migros experts; A self-sufficient team is formed. This team receives basic level agile framework training together and starts the project that they will run to a common goal for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, the decision to complete or continue the cooperation is taken about the product that is adapted to retail or developed together from scratch. If a continuation decision is made, the project will continue to grow with a new vision of cooperation. If a brand new product comes out at the end, a 50%-50% partnership model is established.
• Working environment with Agile principles,
• Opportunity to work with experienced and expert Migros employees,
• Opportunity to develop joint products and obtain joint patents,
• Opportunity to test the business model in the real environment with real customers in the retail industry
Yes, we believe in the power of being a team. We expect entrepreneurs applying to Migros Up to form their teams.
Within 2 to 4 weeks after the call period ends, the startups selected as outdated are announced on Migros Up social media accounts. Demoday startups meet with Migros senior management. 3 or 4 projects are determined from the priority project issues and an agile team is formed.
If you have any questions, you can contact us migrosup@migros.com.tr